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The Powers shall resolutely refuse to treat with the band of military criminals, or any of them, who made this war, and who already have flung at Europe in advance the deliberate challenge that they would represent at the council-board neither the voice of the German nation nor the wishes of the German Parliament, but only the interests of the army. To parley with such men were to accept them at their own insolent valuation. 16 These lofty goals, Dawson felt, did not find fulfilment in the Treaty of Versailles.

It was also 'a classic sign of the loss of real state-farming and state-preserving virtues and of all the insight, will power, and active determination which follow from them'. 78 The consequence of this 'lunacy' was 'industrialisation as boundless as it was harmful'. It led inexorably to the 'weakening of the peasant class' and a corresponding increase in the size of the urban proletariat until 'the balance was British and German Attitudes in 1933 37 completely upset'. This was fatal, because it was impossible to overrate the value of a 'healthy peasant class' as the basis of national life.

The result was a general desire to get outside the limits of society as defined by the conceptions of the home state. If by chance Germany were to-morrow to gain possession of a colony, by the day after to-morrow it would be over-populated with Germans. He himself, he said, had in his public speeches made only very few references to Colonies, but they had always been received with enthusiastic applause, especially where his audience was mainly composed of young people. 82 Easy as it was, however, to refute the premises on which Stresemann based his arguments, the fact was that the colonial question refused to disappear as an issue.

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