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By Edited by David Godman

ISBN-10: 1888599170

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Those are dialogues that happened among Annamalai Swami and his viewers over the past six months of his existence.

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They had very few possessions, but they were still very attached to them, and they definitely didn’t want to lose them to the fire. They were more worried about their spare underwear than Janaka was about his palace. Janaka watched his palace burn to the ground with complete equanimity. When you have this jnana, your inner peace is a solid rock that cannot be disturbed. Being rich and being a king will not obstruct jnana. It’s just a question of having the right attitude. There is a story in Yoga Vasishta about a king called Mahabali.

Question: So it is the intensity of the enquiry that determines whether I succeed or not. A nnam alai Sw am i: Yes. If enquiry into the Self is not taking place, thoughts will be on the body and the mind. And while those thoughts are habitually there, there will be an underlying id e n tific a tio n : ‘I am th e body. ’ T his identification is something that happened at a particular point in time. It is not something that has always been there. And what comes in time also goes eventually, for nothing that exists in time is permanent.

Is my desire to keep going with my sadhana correct? In each moment I am having some experience of something that doesn’t change: I am either hearing or feeling the aham sphurana. But always there is this desire to go deeper, to be feeling more peace, more bliss. I am not satisfied with the experience I am having. Is this desire to do more sadhana a good desire, or is it interfering with Self-awareness? A nnam alai Swami: Your ultimate need is to get established in the changeless peace of the Self.

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