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By George Fortune, Mubanga E. Kashoki

ISBN-10: 9982241591

ISBN-13: 9789982241595

First released as a bankruptcy in Language in Zambia: Grammatical Sketches by means of the Institute of African stories (now the Institute of financial and Social examine) in 1977, this can be the second one in a sequence of person guides on Zambian languages and grammar. The goal of the sequence is to spice up the meagre scholarship and availability of academic fabrics on Zambian languages, which grew to become relatively in pressing in 1996, following the choice of the Zambian executive to revert to the coverage of utilizing neighborhood languages as media of guideline. This quantity offers a grammatical cartoon of Lozi, a language on the topic of the Sotho language staff, and one of many languages spoken because the lingua franca everywhere in the Western Province of Zambia. it really is spoken at the primary Barotse simple to the north and south of Mongu and on both sides of the Zambezi river, the entire method to Livingstone, the place it's the major African language in use, and a substantial distance inland. it's the moment administrative language of the rustic after English. The learn presents a finished survey of the entire significant grammatical good points of the language.

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G. (it is not a seniorpeÌson) hasi t\üluyomuhulu (d) SPs consisting of an ìnfinitive idlected verb phÌase are among those copulatively inflected,by /*it. g. Hasi kuhalifa. It is only play) Kïkuti akaìpulukelalia zahae (Is it that he can keep all his food anosí? g. Eí (I ama Losi) (Is) u-mutuyaatmusa (you aro a kind person) lu-batu babansu (we are black people) ( 0 (l pl) fiu-batu babamusa (youarekind peopì€) (II pl) u-teúiíona íoo ba-kwasishanjokwanu (he is at thatsameplace) (1) (they are at the wet-gardenhere) (2) u-kamulena (he is with the chieo (1) ba-tubosirali (they are with the Sitali9 (2) The afiiÍmative inflection is chângedto úe negative by prefrxing /ha- * aJ (not).

17. Ín-* k-o-no lE. m-o-na ' ìir'henit is usêdin The pronouú oontribut€semphasisor prominenceespecially pronouns iose tlpir appositionat phrases or iI| cÕntrast. Whên inflectáü emphaticrefeÍences. g. e. Firú sacoÍìdandthird peÍson (We aÍrived in time' they were late) (our foo4) but (The chief is ralking; it is the chief Miena yena vtabulela who is talking) NenisabulelinirYna (I was not speakingwith him) mi a ntaLozi (yoü Lozi) (n,6) (my fatb€r himselD (the village itself) O) (3) bona bucvali (the grassitself) (14) fonafoo (thatveryplace) (16) THE DEMONSTRÂTIVES Thãe are fouÍ series of demonstrativeswith the followins constructional pattems: Demonstrâtiveclass affix + a secondâlyvowel /-o/,l-e/ or l-a/, SeriesI dependingon whaher the classhasvowel /-nl, /-i/ or /-al in Íts noun prefix (h€re) Series3 Series4 Dernonstrativeclassaffx + secondaryvowel + /-ol (there) DeÌnonstrativeclassaffix + stemsl-alel oÍ /-nni/ (yonder).

G. Síktwo si-tata (Englishis difficuft) (7) (This p€rsonis kind) (l) Batu bao bd-masvre (Tbesepeoplc are bad) (2) Lico li-munati (Tïe food is deljcious) (10) Ì The subjectprefixesare discrl\sedon pp. 74-76. ' Relative stemsâre discussqland ìisted on pp. 3l-34. t-/ (no0. They also belong to the constituentclass of adjunctsin verb plüâsesand indicate the meansby which, or the materialin Ìeferenceto which, an action is done. g. Neninatible fubkotayetund (l was beâtenìi,,itha big stick) Nenìtile ka-ngila ye (I cameby this path) Nenibulelaka-tabúyeo (I wasspeakingaboutthat affair) Nizamqlìle ka-moÍale/estrzd (I havetravelled in this big caÌ) Neniutvile k t-Éaüoli lttka (I heardaboutmy sisterby úis lefter) ka-ürJoloIe Niftile ka-nakoyabtcih,, (Ì arrived at night) Neniutuile kü-kaizeliyaka Ãa- (I heardlìom my sisterby this letter) li|olo le Nenitutil\|e ka-likoma ki-ndate (l wast^üghÍ aboutcattleby my fatheÍ) Una dshtatíleka-puso (He died in úe Íeign of Lewanika) yaLewoniÉa ubuleziho-zamasirnü (He spok€aboutgardeningâffairs) Batile ka-bubeli (They cametwo by two) Adverbial phrâs€sin0ect€d by /nÈl (with) (a) SPs infl€cted by /ni-/ arc adv€rbial associativein meaning.

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