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By Amber Schroader, Tyler Cohen

ISBN-10: 008055475X

ISBN-13: 9780080554754

ISBN-10: 1597491632

ISBN-13: 9781597491631

Discover ways to pull "digital fingerprints" from exchange information garage (ADS) units together with: iPod, Xbox, electronic cameras and extra from the cyber sleuths who educate the key provider, FBI, and division of protection in bleeding aspect electronic forensics concepts. This publication units a brand new forensic technique normal for investigators to use.This ebook starts through describing how exchange facts garage units are used to either stream and conceal facts. From the following a chain of case experiences utilizing bleeding facet forensic research instruments exhibit to readers the way to practice forensic investigations on a number of advertisements units together with: Apple iPods, electronic Video Recorders, Cameras, Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PS2, and PSP), Bluetooth units, and extra utilizing cutting-edge instruments. eventually, the publication takes a glance into the longer term at "not but each day" units so that it will quickly be universal repositories for hiding and relocating info for either valid and illegitimate reasons. * Authors are undisputed leaders who teach the key carrier, FBI, and division of safeguard* ebook provides "one of a type" bleeding part info that completely can't be stumbled on at any place else* at the present time the has exploded and cyber investigators are available in virtually each box

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For this reason, the hardware solutions will most likely emerge as the favored method. There is currently a debate, and will continue to be for some time, over the practice of m e m o r y acquisitions. IT is seen by many as contaminating the evidence. Others see it as obtaining all the data and evidence available. The often-used defensive analogy is in a physical crime scene, and the crime scene unit enters the area to recover fiber and fingerprints. Their actions and movements are documented to prove they did as little contamination as possible.

These can include, but are not limited to, the following. Hard Drive Inte~Caces The first issue, though not really new, has expanded with the popularity of SATA and other technologies. For the most part, hard drives were either IDE or SCSI. IDE was either 3 1/2 or 2 1/2. 8 inch interface. There is the addition of SATA, in both 3 1/2 and laptop sizes, which luckily use the same connectors. Then there are all the SCSI adapters. There is also Fiber channel, but we will save that for later. In the absence of a drive adapter, there is always network acquisition at the cost of time.

V------d More data collected equates to more data to sift through. gl The increased use of-techniques to reduce the data of interest should be employed. gl The increase in the data available can simplify the final analysis, or it can just create a bigger haystack to hide the needle in. r---el The analysis of the entire incident is far more complex than the examination of any single system. v------d Reporting is possibly more important than ever as the techniques and procedures must be more finely documented because of potential impacts on volatile data.

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