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By Jacquelyn Mitchard

ISBN-10: 006185865X

ISBN-13: 9780061858659

Bridget Flannery and Maureen O'Malley were BFFs due to the fact without end. Then a short second of inattention on an icy street leaves one lady useless and the opposite in a coma, battered past attractiveness. friends and family mourn one friend's loss and pray for the other's restoration. Then the medical professionals detect they've got made a bad mistake. the lady who lived is the person who every body idea had died.

Based on a real case of flawed id, All we all know of Heaven is a common tale that not anyone can learn unmoved: a drama of standard humans stuck up in an incredible tragedy and of the therapeutic strength of desire and love.

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A hovercam buzzed close, almost low enough to peek in at Aya’s face. She lowered her head, making her way toward a cluster of Reputation Bombers. Here in public they all kept their hoods up, like a bunch of pre-Rusty Buddhist monks. They were already bombing: chanting the name of some random member of the clique, trying to convince the city interface to bump his face rank. Aya bowed to the group and joined the blur of name-dropping, keeping her ugly face covered. The whole point of bombing was to dissect the city’s reputation algorithms: How many mentions of your name did it take to crack the top thousand?

Eating strange substances might be a great way to bump your face rank, but she preferred her sushi heavier than air. She liked being around tech-heads, though, even if she had to hide. Most of the city was still stuck in the past, trying to rediscover haiku, religion, the tea ceremony-all the things that had been lost in the Prettytime, when everyone had been brain-damaged. But tech-heads were building the future, making up for three centuries of missing progress. This was the place to find stories.

Ren nodded. ” Aya blinked. ” “Eight hundred and ninety-six, at the moment,” Hiro said, staring at the wallscreen. Aya saw the number on it now: 896 in meter-high numerals. “Of course, my own sister ignores me. ” “But I didn’t…” Aya’s exhaustion turned dizzy-making for a moment. This morning was the first in ages that she hadn’t checked Hiro’s face rank. And he’d hit the top thousand! If he could stay there, he’d be invited to Nana Love’s Thousand Faces Party next month. Hiro, like most boys, had a major crush on Nana Love.

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