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These requirements have been attained as follows. numerous experiments it was found that the most efficient way to damp the existent vibrations was to place the compass bowl in a bed of horse-hair. This effectually deadened shocks. The horse-hair is placed in light outer containing case, and the bowl rests lightly on it. This method was found generally to be much more preferable to the old gimballed (i) Steadiness. After type of suspension. This applies to the earlier pattern com28 THE MAGNETIC COMPASS passes for Pattern 255 and later types the reader should refer to the book Magnetic Compass in Aircraft/ by Captain F.

Being taken from nets, red the tables. But D in this case, being so small, be best to ignore it altogether. 42 it would CHAPTER IV THE PRACTICAL CORRECTION OF A COMPASS; METHODS OF SWINGING, ETC. BEFORE going into the practical correction of a compass, it is proposed to give a description of the various methods of swinging. This swinging should always be carefully carried out, as a well-placed compass whose behaviour is good, and whose errors are known and can be trusted, is a great relief to a pilot making a flight, when objects below are hidden by cloud, fog, etc.

The above remarks apply here as Coefficient C. Is caused well. by the hori- zontal component of the machine's permanent magnetism acting transversely. 35 B. AIR NAVIGATION FOR FLIGHT OFFICERS It is called + if the north end of the needle drawn to the right-hand side of the machine and - if drawn to the left-hand side. It is maximum on north and south, diminishing to zero on east and west. is It is found by taking the mean of the and south, changing the deviations on north sign on that of south.

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