Download Advanced Object Oriented Programming with Visual FoxPro 6.0 by Markus Egger, Mac Rubel PDF

By Markus Egger, Mac Rubel

ISBN-10: 0965509389

ISBN-13: 9780965509381

This publication combines OOP conception and real-world functional knowledge, all from the visible FoxPro viewpoint. lined are multi-tiered structure; OO layout styles; item metrics; and OO specifications, modeling, and layout, together with the UML.

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It doesn't have a Count property, but that is easy to add. ControlCount ENDFUNC This way, I created a self-organizing collection that actually grows with the product. It allows me to access every object in the form and all the form's methods in a generic way. At the same time, I don't introduce any major risks. Very cool and very elegant! Collections provided by others Collections can be found in almost all object-oriented applications and components. You might encounter some that are quite different from those I've described so far.

This saves us many lines of source code and a lot of sleepless nights. This works fine for all variable references. However, it might not work well if you also have property references, which I'll discuss in the next section. THIS, THISFORM, THISFORMSET and Parent The Visual FoxPro keywords THIS, THISFORM and THISFORMSET are special kinds of object references. Visual FoxPro maintains these references on its own. They always point to the current object (THIS) or to an object that's a parent (container) of the current object.

AddObject() requires that the class definition is already in scope. Because the behavior of these methods is similar to the equivalent functions, the same performance issues apply. Also, note that objects added to objects are by default invisible, so you have to explicitly make them visible. Passing parameters to objects As I mentioned earlier, objects can receive parameters. All four functions and methods used to create objects support passing parameters. All the parameters are passed to the methods and functions as additional parameters.

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