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By Karl Lieberherr

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This groundbreaking ebook provides a whole method for adaptive programming in any object-oriented language. Lieberherr's approach offers a brand new method of object-oriented application layout that is going past item encapsulation and hard-coded navigation paths to accomplish extra versatile interactions between items. Designers utilizing this adaptive procedure paintings at the next, extra schematic point of abstraction to layout software program courses. Graph notation is used to symbolize the category constitution of this system, and a "propagation development" language describes the way to distribute significant equipment (including navigation) around the program's constitution. utilizing this technique, software program designers can create courses which are simply converted and adaptable as wishes evolve.

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4 PROPAGATION PATTERNS An adaptive program is speci ed using a collection of propagation patterns, each of which speci es a set of related constraints in the adaptive program. Adaptive programs, as we have pointed out, are customized by class structures. Although we cannot assume the composition of a speci c customizing class structure,2 it seems reasonable to assume that it conforms to some given representation. 3 Assumptions, such as a class Conglomerate that contains a nested Salary class, are represented in a propagation pattern as constraints of the form: the traversal from vertex Conglomerate to vertex Salary must be possible in any class dictionary graph that customizes this propagation pattern.

But, for a large number of applications, represented by related customizers, nothing has to be done to an adaptive program to select the conventional object-oriented program corresponding to any of the customizers. Moreover, when changes to an adaptive program are indeed necessary, they are considerably easier to incorporate given the ability that adaptive programs o er to specify only those elements that are essential and to specify them in a way that allows them to adapt to new environments. This means that the exibility of object-oriented programs can be signi cantly improved by expressing them as adaptive programs, which specify them by minimizing their dependency on their class structures.

In 1b we start out with a detailed encapsulated data structure but when we write the program we use only the important information from the data structure that is relevant to the program. Data structure information not relevant to this program, but to some other program, will be ignored. In 2b we formulate the functionality referring only to data structure information that is relevant for the functionality. In the following introductory example we use method 1a. In Chapter 4 and in later chapters, method 2b is used.

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