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By Elaine Viets

ISBN-10: 045122258X

ISBN-13: 9780451222589

A person has killed Halley Hardwicke, the recent younger dressmaker of thousand-dollar Italian silk scarves, within the mall parking lot-and police have their eye on Jake, the husband of Josie's ally Alyce. The couple lived close to the wrap maven, however it turns out Halley and Jake have been a bit too neighborly. So Josie makes a decision to do what she does most sensible to assist out her friend-go undercover and notice if she will be able to locate a few clues. simply because this time, there is a lot extra at stake than a headscarf, no matter if it is to die for...

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I had to talk to someone. " The mourning food took up the entire granite island. "Joanie’s family owns Protzel’s Deli in Clayton," Alyce said. "We’re sending food to Halley’s family, too," Joanie said. " Some people say it with flowers. Joanie said it with food. She believed in comfort food—if you ate, she felt better. Josie didn’t think she could eat anything after Alyce’s frittata, but she took a small nibble of the corned beef. Then she took a big bite. Soon she’d downed several slabs of meat.

Josie saw blue smoke and smelled cordite. "What happened? " "They shot the cash register. " Courtney stopped to catch her breath. "The tall one had a Glock . It looked like the ones on TV. He said he’d shoot me if I didn’t open the cash register. My hands were shaking so bad, I couldn’t hit the keys. He pushed me aside and blasted the register. He scooped up four hundred dollars. His friend grabbed three pairs of athletic shoes. " "But you’re not hurt," Josie said. "No," Courtney said. "Except my ears are ringing.

Your receipt was issued at nine ten today at our Clayton location, ma’am. It’s eleven fifteen at the Dorchester Mall. You’re using an old receipt with a new scarf. " "I’m sure it’s a problem with your cash register," Ms. Chanel said, but she didn’t resist when security steered her inside the store and escorted her to a door behind a Japanese screen. The scene was conducted so quietly, the customers didn’t notice. "An old scam," Josie said. "Ms. Chanel buys an expensive item at one store in the chain, and keeps the receipt in her purse.

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