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D. and George, J. A. (1980). 'An algorithmic and complexity analysis of interpolation search', Acta Informatica, Vol. 13, pp. 39-52. Knuth, D. E. (1973). The Art of Computer Programming. Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms, 2nd edition, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts. Sleator, D. D. and Tarjan, R. E. (1985). 'Amortised efficiency of list update and paging rules', in CACM, Vol. 2, pp. 202-208. Stubbs, D. and Webre, N. (1985). Data Structures with Abstract Data Types and Pascal, Brooks/Cole Publishing, Monterey, California.

Again this suggests that the procedure seql is an exponential algorithm. However, the procedure seq2 can be 20 Abstract Data Types and Algorithms easily shown to be O(n). 1 can be shown to be O(n). 2. As n gets larger, O(n) gets larger much faster than does the O(log n) algorithm. 62n+l) behaves similarly when compared with the O(n) algorithm of the seq2 program. Before ending this chapter we should mention that when evaluating space complexity of algorithms, similar rules to the above can be followed.

To reduce the amount of such detailed organisational activity, we can define 'idealised' architectures on top of the machine architecture, and in this way we will provide a new framework for programmers so that they can express their requirements more easily and effectively. In this chapter we shall briefly discuss the main components of a program using an 'assembly-language' -level architecture, and then describe a more idealised architecture which would accommodate higher-level constructs for certain programming elements: operation, control and data.

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