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C programs are made up of one or more functions. Each program must always include a main() function. A function is distinguished from a command by the parentheses that follow the function name. These are functions: main() calcIt() printf() strlen() and these are commands: return while int if float When you read other C programming books and manuals, the author might decide to omit the parenthesis from the end of function names. For example, you might read about the printf function instead of printf().

Printf() requires a controlString, but the data following the controlString is optional. Warning printf() doesn’t actually send output to your screen, but does send it to your computer’s standard output device. Most operating systems, including MS-DOS, route the standard output to your screen unless you know enough about MS-DOS to route the output elsewhere. Most of the time you can ignore this standard output device stuff because you’ll almost always want output to go to the screen. Other C functions you will learn about later route output to your printer and disk drives.

The program uses as much of this book’s contents as possible. Almost every topic taught in this book appears in the Blackjack game. Too many books offer nothing more than snippets of code. ” As you progress through this book, you’ll understand more and more of the game. What Do I Do Now? Turn the page and learn the C language. Part 1. First Steps with C 1. What Is C Programming? Rewarding and Fun In This Chapter What Is a Program? 6 What You Need to Write C Programs 8 The Programming Process 9 Using C 11 Although some people consider C to be difficult to learn and use, you’ll soon see that they are wrong.

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