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By E. C. Woodcock

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This booklet begun as a chain of notes on Latin syntax drafted on the request of Professor W. H. Semple of Manchester for the aim of standardizing the educating to the varied sections of the then huge Intermediate type. those notes were supplemented by means of sections of extra complicated dialogue drawn from lectures on historic Latin syntax to Honours periods.

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In fact in both cases the choice is motivated by semantics, although the lexicographer may not always realize this. As stated elsewhere, ochi are large and beautiful eyes; burkaly, bel¹ma, and shary are large and unattractive eyes, while migalki, gliadelki, and zenki are small eyes which are unattractive or which produce an unpleasant impression. We may add that all these synonyms for glaza, outwardly purely stylistic, differ from this word in that they denote predominantly human eyes; glaza is normally the only word used to denote the organs of vision of animals, fish, and insects, as well as humans.

C) In cases where a synonymic relationship is established not between words but between senses of words, account is usually taken of two types of meaning—direct and primary meanings (the senses most often used). This means that a vast stratum of lexical synonyms—words which are synonymous in their derived, figurative, or lexically constrained senses—is almost completely left out of account. Thus the following series do not appear: give, lend, render, as in to give/ lend/render assistance; foot, bottom; head, top as in foot/bottom (head/top) of the stairs; back, ago as in a few years back/ago; get, bring, make as in I couldn’t get him to help me; she couldn’t quite bring herself to do it; good, clever as in to be good/clever at arithmetic.

However, a complete seman- English Synonyms 19 tic description of a word, which is of primary importance in a dictionary of synonyms, is broader than its meaning, and includes, in addition, information about its presuppositions, the semantic associations, or connotations, that it evokes, its logical stress, and a number of other matters of less concern here. Semantic associations reflect the cultural concepts and traditions related to a word, the history of its use in literature, its etymology, the predominant applications of the given referent in a given society, and many other extralinguistic factors.

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