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By George L Hart; Jan Gonda (Editor)

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Valmiki begins the scene as follows: Then not seeing his father there in the palace, Bharata went to see his mother in her rooms. When she saw that her son, who had been away, had come, Kaikeyi jumped up happily, leaving her golden seat. 1* Kampan writes: At that time the axled chariot, as swift as thought, reached the high, blessed threshhold of the palace and the emperor's son came to where his father stayed. " As he went searching for his elder brother to make obeisance to him with his pure hands, a woman approached, her arms as supple as bamboo, and said, "Your mother calls you.

17 In the first verse, Kampan suggests that the thoughts of Bharata have been on meeting his father as he returned in the chariot. In the third, he contrasts skillfully the straightforward nature of Bharata, who has pure hands, and the crooked nature of his mother, to whom he is summoned by a woman with supple arms. In Valmiki, Bharata searches out his mother upon not finding his father. But in Kampan, Bharata searches for his elder brother, Rama; he goes to his mother only because he is summoned.

I should have killed you before I said one word. Indeed, if I did not fear my brother's anger, the name 'mother' would not have stood in my way. "At your vicious behest, a king has died and a great man has been exiled. And here is a Bharata to rule the land in his greed. Certainly this accords with the path of justice; what wrong is there in this ? ' What could be more excellent than this ? "You lived here like a snake that bites. You utterly transgressed the bounds of chastity, cut off at the root the king who kept you in his house, his spear sharpened by a deadly file.

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