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By Yukio Tono

ISBN-10: 0415610133

ISBN-13: 9780415610131

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese is a useful instrument for all freshmen of eastern, offering a listing of the 5,000 most ordinarily used phrases within the language.

Based on a100 million observe corpus, composed of spoken, fiction, non-fiction and information texts in present use, the dictionary presents the consumer with an in depth frequency-based checklist, in addition to alphabetical and part-of-speech indices.

All entries within the frequency record characteristic the English an identical and a pattern sentence with English translation. The dictionary additionally comprises 25 thematically organised lists of usually used phrases on quite a few issues comparable to nutrients, climate, occupations and relaxation. a number of bar charts also are incorporated to focus on the phonetic and spelling versions throughout sign in.

A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese permits scholars of all degrees to maximize their research of jap vocabulary in an effective and fascinating approach. it's also an outstanding source for lecturers of the language.

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86 475 友人 yuujin n. friend •• 彼女は友人代表としてスピーチをした。— She made a speech on behalf of her friends. 81 Frequency index 33 476 だめ dame na-adj. useless, hopeless, impossible •• 私はお酒はだめなんです。— I can’t drink alcohol. 88 477 経つ tatsu v. pass, go by •• 彼が死んでから十年経つ。— Ten years have passed since he died. 90 478 先程 sakihodo n. a short while ago •• 先程、田中様からお電話がありました。— Mr. Tanaka called you a little while ago. 68 479 一回 ikkai n. once •• 私は週に一回買い物に行きます。— I go shopping once a week. 80 480 十分 juubun na-adj. enough, sufficient adv.

Use •• エネルギーの使用を減らさねばならない。— We must reduce the use of energy. 94 586 越える koeru v. cross over, go over •• 彼らは山を越えて旅をした。— They traveled over the mountains. 94 587 図る hakaru v. attempt; plan; strive •• 事態の改善を図らなければならない。— We must attempt to remedy the situation. 40 | OF 588 企業 kigyou n. company, business •• 兄は日本企業で働いている。— My brother works at a Japanese company. 86 589 奴 yatsu n. guy, fellow •• 彼はおもしろい奴です。— He is an interesting guy. 83 590 はっきり hakkiri adv. clearly, certainly •• はっきり覚えています。— I remember it clearly.

90 223 生活(する)seikatsu(suru) n. life v. live •• 日本の生活は慣れましたか。— Did you get used to living in Japan? 92 22 A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Academic anata anta Public Anata and anta (you): the casual variant anta is used more frequently in public speaking than in academic presentation. 224 国 kuni n. country •• 私の国では雪が全く降らない。— It never snows in my country. 74 225 あげる ageru v. raise, lift •• 質問があれば手をあげてください。— Please raise your hand if you have a question. 98 226 あなた, あんた anata, anta pron.

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