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By Hewitt Crane, Edwin Kinderman, Ripudaman Malhotra

ISBN-10: 0195325540

ISBN-13: 9780195325546

One cubic mile of oil (CMO) corresponds very heavily to the world's present overall annual intake of crude oil. The world's overall annual strength intake - from all strength assets- is at present 3.0 CMO. by way of the center of this century the realm will desire among 6 and nine CMO of strength in keeping with yr to supply for its voters. enough power is required eliminate the scourge of poverty and supply nutrition, garments, and take care of for the folk worldwide, and extra could be wanted for measures to mitigate the aptitude results of weather switch similar to construction dikes and desalinating water.

A Cubic Mile of Oil describes some of the power assets and the way we use them, tasks their destiny contributions, and delineates what it can take to enhance them to each year produce a CMO from each one of them. The requirement for added strength sooner or later is so daunting that we'll have to use all assets. We additionally learn how greater potency and conservation measures can decrease destiny call for considerably, and aid distinguish ways that make an important effect in place of simply making us suppose good.

Use of CMO removes a mess of devices like a whole bunch coal, gallons of oil, and cubic ft of gasoline; obviates the necessity for mind-numbing multipliers equivalent to billions, trillions, and quadrillions; and replaces them with an easy-to-understand volumetric unit. It conjures up a visceral reaction and permits specialists, coverage makers and most of the people alike to shape a psychological photo of the significance of the problem we are facing. within the absence of an appreciation of the dimensions of the matter, we danger squandering efforts and assets in pursuing thoughts that may not meet tomorrow's worldwide strength wishes. We needs to make serious offerings, and a typical comprehensible language is key for a sustained significant conversation.

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1), to about 50 GO. , energy use per capita doubled again to around 100 GO; the increasing use of animals required more energy-intensive feeding, and the preparation of more refined foods required greater energy. About 2,000 years ago the world’s population was about 250 million and was probably using energy at an average rate that was only 20% greater than the per capita use in the Fertile Crescent 5,000 years earlier. 027 CMO/yr. Perhaps one-third of that energy use took the form of food for domesticated animals.

However, instead of debate, all too often we have encountered name-calling that ends the debate: names such as deniers or industry-stooges for those opposing the idea of human-activity-induced climate change, and believers or yellow scientists— that’s supposed to be a play on yellow journalism—for the proponents of that idea. We cannot resolve those controversies here, but we want to acknowledge their existence. Nor do we suggest that we debate these issues until they are completely resolved, because that would be advocating inaction.

While technological advancements and innovations are seriously needed, we note that unless we are also willing to make some attitudinal changes, the goal of living on sustainable energy is likely to elude us. In part III, we discuss the role that increased efficiency and conservation can play in mitigating the crisis. These offer the quickest means to avert the impending crisis for a period of a few decades, during which time we must gear up our income resources. In part III we also offer suggestions for planning and implementation of “new” approaches to resolving our energy dilemma.

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