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BUDGET STATEMENTS 26 1889 stated his firm conviction that consumption, and lie " lie was not justified in making such a reckless use " as might be necessary to make of the income-tax both ends meet. The expenditure coming year, 1889-90, was Most of the items stood at about for the estimated as follows. the same figure as before, except that the Army estimates were increased by 606,000 over the estimate for the preceding year, and the Navy estimates by 602,000 ; while the Civil Service estimates showed a nominal decrease of 2,111,000, due to the cessation of to the local authorities, which would be more grants than balanced by the loss on the other side of the account in respect of the surrender to those authorities of licenses, etc.

Result of these various proposals him with an estimated The discussions on surplus of this budget, would be to 183,000. which was carried without alteration or very serious criticism, raised some interesting points. The Opposition, and among them Mr. Sydney Buxton, took Mr. Goschen severely to task for his fresh infringement of the new sinking fund, and there was much force in the comment that the annual fixed charge for debt stood at 4,000,000 less than thirty years ago, when the resources of the country were far inferior and the burden of taxation, including that of the income-tax, greater than at the But Mr.

Made a grave miscalculation. The budget as a whole was received at first, both in Parliament and in the Press, with marked favour. " But further conIt sideration did not sustain this verdict. Liberal side of the House said that the Chancellor of the dealt with a smaller them thorough relief. From criticism soon arose. number He was It the was Exchequer should ha/ve of subjects asked why and given he had not altogether abolished either the duty on tea, or the house duty with its confused incidence, or the whole of the duty on currants.

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