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Using these values we have also calculated the corresponding values for the two-link and three-link bipeds. In Section 5, we calculate the parameters of the two-link biped. For example, the mass of the first link of the two-link biped (see Figure 1, first diagram) equals Ǎ1 = m 3 + m 4 + m 5 . The mass of its second link (of the leg) equals Ǎ 2 = m 2 + m 1 + m 4 + m 5 . The length of the first link equals l 3 + l 4 + l 5 , the length of its second link (of the leg) equals l = l 2 + l 1 = l 4 + l 5 .

Collarbone and bladebone. Fig. 8. A coupled movement of bladebone and upper arm. 5 For Light and Strong Bones Though we use muscle units for reinforceability, some inevitable muscles are installed inside bones. Bones are needed to be tough and light, and possible to hold motors and circuit boards inside. 9 shows some bones; these are the pelvis, right thighbone, and so on. The radius of a bone is relatively large as a bone of an endoskeletal structure, in order to make space inside.

Tension spring Fig. 6. Elastic and viscous elements between joints. 4 Collarbone and Bladebone Kotaro’s shoulder structure has been inspired from human’s one. It consists of a collarbone and a bladebone. , 2005). Though the movable range of shoulder’s spherical joint is not so wide, the center of rotation of the shoulder joint, which is on the shoulder blade, can be moved according to the movement of the bladebone and collarbone. The center of rotation of the movement of the shoulder joint is near the center of the body.

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