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Press CANCEL to proceed. The display prompts: DEFRAGMENT DISK? PRESS ENTER/CANCEL 4. Again press CANCEL to proceed. The display prompts: SELECT FEATURE SET? PRESS ENTER/CANCEL 5. Press ENTER to proceed, press CANCEL to abort. If you press CANCEL, Instant Replay will start up utilizing the previous Feature Set. If you press ENTER, the display prompts: 1 FACTORY INSTALLED 2 FIELD UPGRADE 6. Press Hot-Key #1 for the original factory installed Feature Set, or press #2 for the Feature Set installed using SoftCode.

The display initially shows: PREPARING TO SEND PRESS ENTER/CANCEL Once the destination machines have been activated to receive the display changes to: FILE 1 OF 1 00% COMPLETED ß FILE NUMBER AND TOTAL NUMBER OF FILES ß PERCENT COMPLETED FOR THE CURRENT FILE If no buttons are pressed, the percentage is updated until an error occurs or the transfer is completed. The display then shows: TRANSFER COMPLETE PRESS ENTER/CANCEL If an error occurs during sending the display briefly shows: TRANSFER ERROR XXXX ß ERROR MESSAGE page 28 Instant Replay Owner’s Manual Some possible errors are: COULD NOT OPEN FILE ........

The display shows: PREPARING TO BACKUP STOP/CANCEL TO QUIT Backup begins and the display shows the current file number and the percent completion for the current file: FILE 1 OF 193 00% BACKED UP Backup will proceed until all files are backed up, and the display will show the total number of files. If STOP or CANCEL is pressed during backup the display changes to: QUIT BACKUP? PRESS ENTER/CANCEL Press ENTER to stop backup. An ending summary will be displayed. Press CANCEL or STOP and the backup will continue.

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